Wi-Fi Calling, What is this calling? Get more about it.

Glimpse of “Wi-Fi CALLING”. Yes what it sounds “Wi-Fi Calling” a feature required to maintain calls as well as text messages on a Wi-Fi network rather than customary cellular network. In Detail, Wi-Fi calling enables phone calls and messages grained into tiny packets and transferred them over the internet through your mobile device to carrier.

8 Most Stunning Upcoming Mobile Technologies.

It’s important to have a look on, how we have travelled from Siemen’s mobile to android or apple phone. How things changed around.  A couple of decades before we cannot imagine about video calls and entertainments. Like what we have today. In 1985 when the first time Siemens Mobiltelefon C1 was launched. It was an

Toyota Yaris prices and Features in Pakistan.

For such an economical changes, that shake out whole of the world, Under develop countries like Pakistan, are mostly effected by such changes. Toyota is one of the best car selling brand in Pakistan. Auto market in Pakistan is heavily dominated by Toyota. Last year Indus motors face lot of Hardships. to sell out their