Artificial Intelligence, beneficiary or Disconnection for Human Beings??

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Artificial Intelligence also called as Machine Intelligence. This is a machine demonstrated Intelligence. As nowadays machines are highly capable of handling tasks. Machines require instruction to perform tasks and instruction definitely requires intelligence. In 1955 Artificial intelligence was taken as an academic discipline. This field was founded on a presumption that Human intelligence should be explained, so that a machine can be made to feign it. When work on this discipline starts, different theories raises. Some people anticipated that this intelligence, would be a danger for humanity. But some think that AI will be a giant technology revolution.

Whatever will be theory, but the practical is that. In 21st Century, Artificial Intelligence Techniques are the essential part of technology industry. Which proved to be helpful, for solving many computer Sciences Errors. If we talk about the modern digitalis world, Mercedes is Launching Self Driving System for its premium models. Which totally depend on Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Mind Vs Human Mind

Now if we compare Artificial intelligence with Human mind. then there are many black spaces or several major features missing. One of it is, Commonsense reasoning, humans mind process a powerful mechanism of reasoning. Then emotions against any happening in the environment. For instance, a self-driving car systems can detect pedestrians, but like Human mind they can’t detect pedestrians intentions. By such challenges artificial intelligence might seems, far behind in copying Human mind.

By these challenges scientists became more concentrated, by dividing artificial intelligence into two models. Structural and functional model. The goal of structural model is mimic these basic intelligence operations, such as logic’s and reasoning. The functional model task’s is, correlating data to its computational counterparts. It will surely take time to replicate Human mind, because it is a supernatural thing. But as technology is growing, and updating it frequently. We need to see, how closer we will go to real intelligence?

 A large group of technologists are opposing this artificial intelligence discipline. They reason that, like many other beneficial technologies. Artificial intelligence would not be beneficial for human anymore. This group is also opposing funds. Given particularly to this discipline.  They refer that, “mass unemployment” would be a greater factor for this advancement. As if machines will be more and more capable of performing Human tasks. Then definitely unemployment will occur. Some says that, commonsense failure in Machines will lead us to any misfortune.  

Artificial Intelligence| AI| Machine Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence| AI| Machine Intelligence
AI is a machine intelligence that is supposed to have different views from people. Like ''mass unemployment".

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