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How to Prevent Corona Virus???

Remember one thing about this Corona Virus nCoV19 that, “If a person get infected with this virus then within a couple of days whole family will get infected.”  So, this is very important for all of us that we should have preventing knowledge for this globally spreading corona virus. Especially for those countries where it

Artificial Intelligence, beneficiary or Disconnection for Human Beings??

Artificial Intelligence also called as Machine Intelligence. This is a machine demonstrated Intelligence. As nowadays machines are highly capable of handling tasks. Machines require instruction to perform tasks and instruction definitely requires intelligence. In 1955 Artificial intelligence was taken as an academic discipline. This field was founded on a presumption that Human intelligence should be

Is Microsoft Defender Capable of handling all Security Vulnerabilities???

Different technology Experts have their own views and experience about different anti viruses but windows has launch Windows defender as its Default anti-virus and in this post we will see Expert’s opinion about Windows Defender. Are they comfortable with this defender? As Microsoft has launched this program as its Default anti-virus for windows.  Windows Launch