Corona virus Current Situation in Different Countries..

coronavirus in Italy, US, UK, Iran

After 11th Jan 2020 when China confirmed its first death from Corona Virus. This CoV19 spreads all the ways far behind the boundaries. Cases are reported across the world on daily basis. As up till now we have collected some of major countries that report cases. The following report based on cases submitted within two months.

Countries Cases

China 80,778

Italy 12,462

Iran 8,042

South Korea 7, 775

United States 1,037

Germany 1,235

Spain 1204

United Kingdom 456

Switzerland 332

Netherlands 382

These are the countries that are majorly effected by Corona virus. There are dozens of countries that reported for almost nearly hundred cases. So this flow of spreading is risky. Second most effected country after China is Italy. The situation in Italy is becoming panic and worse. Since in Italy nCoV19 is targeting mostly younger people who even don’t have any similar diseases before. Situation is more complex in northern Italy. Where hospitals are overburdened. Old age people couldn’t put on ventilators anymore. Government has announced that people should remain in their houses.

However, Precautions that are made all over the world to avoid Corona virus is same as for cold and flu.

US Current Policies

Well, America is also on the high list having more than thousand cases reported. US President Donald Trump announces, in White House that. Europeans travel will be banned in US in order to control the Virus. Likewise, due to this fear many sports festival have been cancelled. Most importantly, when Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife (Rita Wilson) got infected by corona virus, things got more stranger .

Malaysia Situation

Malaysia is also trying hard to control Corona Virus pandemic. By postponing all of mass gatherings. Likewise, the last religious mass gathering was supposed. To have infected people and now, Malaysian Government is trying to trace out all of the participants.

Saudi Arabia Taking Actions

Currently Saudi Arabia is also suspending flights from different countries. Interior Ministry announces that flights from different countries like European Union, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Philippines and many other countries have been suspended temporarily.   

WHO (World Health Organization) declared nCoV19 as a global prevalent. The virus has been reached to almost six continents and now is the time to say corona virus a global pandemic. They added that Global epidemic is termed as a regional spread of a disease that spread unexpectedly. As corona virus has infected large number of people and spreads out to most of the countries that why it is a globally spreading disease. Which has been originated from Wuhan China.

Corona virus in difeerent Countries
Article Name
Corona virus in difeerent Countries
The corona virus spreads all the ways far behind the boundaries. On daily basis cases are reported across the world.

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