Corona Virus Outbreak in Pakistan, Total 730 cases detected and 4 deaths reported.

Corona virus in pakistan

As according to our media more than seven hundred cases reported up till now. Yesterday many other cases have been reported from different countries of Pakistan. Sindh is effected mostly by Corona Virus. More than four hundred cases just confirmed from Sindh. Consistent with provincial health department, 89 more cases are tested positive from Sukkur. Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Usman Buzdar reported for total of 137 cases reported positive in Punjab. But these are all official statements. Similarly, according to Chief Minister of KPK total of 27 cases are infected from Corona Virus in the region. In Gilgit-Baltistan total 55 cases are reported, after 25 new cases registered. In Balochistan total 104 cases have been tested positive.

But more cases in Balochistan are expected from side areas specially Taftan border area. Because this was the route used by Iranian’s Zahreen. Who were the cause of bringing corona virus to Pakistan. All these reported cases are through official resources. But plain ground seem more different. As Sindh government is planning for complete lockdown in Sindh. Morever, Checking resources to detect corona virus effectives in country are not sufficient.

Nationwide Situation.

Open flights till yesterday is also a major concern that adds more risk to the nation. As we all know that hygiene conditions of Pakistan. So, are we following the mistakes made by Italy? In addition ventilators are also in miserable condition in the hospitals. Simply resources are insufficient even for diagonosis of corona virus patients. A 77-year patient died in Karachi with corona virus but also suffering from cancer. Another lady patient died in Dera Ismail Khan. The patient was also suffering diabetes from almost 20 years. But this old lady came recently from Iran. Now the question is that if she was infected then what about her family, Have they checked and quarantine her family? If not then we might have to think about it. Because, One person effected from Corona Virus means whole family effected. Now even whole village is in danger.

Corona Virus Outbreak in Pakistan.
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Corona Virus Outbreak in Pakistan.
In Pakistan more then 700 cases are reported and four deaths occur due to Corona Virus pandemics. Sindh should remain in Lock down.

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