How an end user can be tracked and attacked by hackers.

This is an important question, that raises in many minds. So lets start with the post. Everything a hacker want to know, is your IP address. Once he gets it, he start pinging targeted IP address to check, whether it is up or not. When the connection will be live. Hacker start port scanning using different tools like Nmap (Network Mapper), Unicornscan, Zenmap and many more. This port scanning was done, to find out which services you are running on your PC. Hackers can also find out, your Operating System using these tools.

After getting these information’s, hacker will target the open ports and outdated services which you are running. When the list will be ready, attack will be launched soon. Even if you are running a website, then many tools like nikto, vega will find out vulnerabilities in web app. Then simply attack will be launched, and it could be a shape of, tracking you to open spammed emails that contain virus malware or Trojans. It depends on hacker, that what trick he used to get into your PC.

After getting in, a Hacker will ruin your PC. Depending on what he needs from your PC. Then mostly hackers start exploitation by cleaning up log files and trap your PC completely so that, he can jump in for any other time.

How Hackers can hack anyone PC
Article Name
How Hackers can hack anyone PC
How a hacker hacks a system website or server?? What methods hackers use to enter into any PC. How Hacking happens all these things in this post.

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