How to Well Maintain Your Computer, For those who rely mostly on PC’s/Laptops.

Tips to speedup computers. How to clean computer

It’s all about the life our computers, laptops. On which we relay most. Like every machine, computer also needs maintenance. If we will maintain our PC, by following the instructions. Then, even our older machines work well. Computers are our machine and they work only for our instructions. It’s our duty to take a good care of our machines.

Proper Cleaning

The first and most important tip is to make our computers free from dust and smut. Daily cleaning may avoid dust to enter in PC’s fans. By this way we can avoid heat up processes of computers. Because when cooling system will be disturbed. It will heat up our computer for just normal processing. So if we see dust inside of our computer. Then we must clean it up. We can also use low pressure blowers to remove any dust inside of keyboard, mouse and CPU.

Operating System Maintenance

We need to have a healthy operating system, if we want things to work properly. This needs proper management of registries. Different tools are used to manage your registry settings like registry cleaner, CCleaner and default Disk defragmenter.


Different software’s and Operating System itself requires proper updates to remove software bugs and to correct security weaknesses. It’s essential to update these software’s timely.

Use of Antivirus & 3rd Party Tools

We should have proper antivirus program installed on our PC. One should use paid version, as they are not much expensive and all the features are included only in paid versions. If we need any third party tool, we must download it from its original source with license key as well. Because unpaid or crack programs might harm your PC. They contain many Trojans and malwares.

Proper Shutdown

While we finish our job we need to close all applications and services running. After closing everything we should Shutdown PC properly. Never Shutdown your PC while running any programs. This can damage your default services. For proper charging that effects our Laptops we must use branded chargers. Charge your laptop completely and then remove the charger. Then use all of the battery it has. This will increase your battery life. Don’t put your laptop/PC or even mobile all the time on charging. This will damage battery and battery connectors as well.

Startup Applications

If you start your PC and after logged in, your PC is loading for a long period of time then it means that it has unnecessary startup applications. That just got started as PC wakes up increasing your Load Time. Disable all the unnecessary startup applications.


Always maintain your backup against your important work. Because in case you lose anything. Then you might have a backup to restore your work. You can manage backups with default options, and with the help of third party tools.

Malfunctioned Removable devices

Try to avoid unknown removable devices connecting to your PC. This can crush your PC very easily. Use only trusted devices or your own one.

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