Is Microsoft Defender Capable of handling all Security Vulnerabilities???

Different technology Experts have their own views and experience about different anti viruses but windows has launch Windows defender as its Default anti-virus and in this post we will see Expert’s opinion about Windows Defender. Are they comfortable with this defender? As Microsoft has launched this program as its Default anti-virus for windows. 

Windows Launch its first free antivirus program Windows Defender for windows 7. Now defender is built-in for all windows 10 PC. Our research concluded that it all depend on the type of user. If a technical person is considered then he would be fine with Windows defender because he can adjust all the sensitive loopholes of his PC. But for a normal user who don’t have as such knowledge of these technicalities and just click yes to every click may get harmful malwares add-on crap from different online platforms. For these people Windows Defender would not be the best solution. For such cases third part AV/Malware detection and removal tool may be necessary.

In short Windows Defender has a decent amount of definitions. It cannot check and maintain all of our activities. As compared to other tools

Like Kaspersky. But many of the internet activities like downloading and installing harmful software’s will definitely effect your PC. No matter which antivirus you are using. Windows defender is very practicle against the executable viruses and it all the time test and block such viruses without our effort but what about Malwarebytes that contain themselves in worms and scripts.

Another security hole in Windows defender is from USB side because Defender can’t scan USB before opening. We can expect this improvements in upcoming Microsoft update.    

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