Third big pounce on Italy & this time by CoronaVirus Outbreak.

According to the latest circumstances total confirmed cases in Italy are 101,739. Total deaths rise to 11,591. Whereas 14,620 patients are recovered from this disease. Italy is now on top of Global Death Toll. This disease emerged from Wuhan now earthening Italy and paralised it uterly. Many ears want to listen why Italy is a severe sitting target for Corona Virus.

National views and reply notify the major aspect and that is negligence and outdated decessions. The time when it emerged and other coutries like Taiwan, Hong Kong started to seal thier airports. Italian government was not taking it serious. Well, another reason added, that Italy has a maximum of old aged people in entire europe.

After 31st January 2020 when two Chinese tourists are tested positive for corona virus, This pandemic spreads so fast in Italy that within one and half months 6557 cases have been reported for corona virus. In addition, more then 800 people died of this International pandemic. Up till 21st Feb 60 cases were added to the list and first one died on 22nd Feb. By beginning of March Corona Virus had spread far away in the country.

After the first case detected in Italy, Italian government banned all the flights to and from China. Furthermore declared state of emergency in the state. Northern Italy is heavily effected and is identified as a center of Italian Clusters and put in quarantine. Later in March Italian government expanded the quarantine to all of Lombardy and other Northern Provinces.

Now at the end of the march 2020. Italy is the world’s center of this International pandemic. Italian government has enforced the most desperate rein ever seen in Europe. Bars, Resturants, Schools, colleges, sports centres and all retailers except food shops and pharmacies are completlely closed. Social distancing is now almost mandatory in Italy even inside of homes. but still number of cases are reported continually from different regions of the country.

Retailers and whole salers make of 15% of jobs and are almost 12% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Economical & Social Damage

From 2009 Italy is bounced by three major financial crisis. First in 2009 second in 2013 “Eurozone debt crisis” and now Corona Virus crisis. The owner of “Ratti Spa” Mr. Tamborini  was also crashed down by this epidemic. Ratti Spa produces almost 4m meter fiber per year. Its export account almost 80% of its sale. But Ratti Spa is situated in Lombardy and this is the place which is mostly effected by disease. Which is in compelet lockdown.

Corona virus  Italy

This pandemic marks a large economic disaster to Italian economy. All the sectors of business like Tourisim, accommodation, and all type of services are hanged. Firstly, because of International ban on tourists to travel to Italy. Secondly, due to nationwide lockdown that is been placed by Italian government. Most of coutry medium sized and large size organizations almost start supplying personal protective equipments and had converted thier sales to PPE,s supplies.

Grafica Veneta in Veneto which is a printing company of harry poters books in Italian and had covered a huge market with empressive period of time. is now caring about protective Eqipments supply.

Fiat Chrysler halted all productions in thier plants. Fiat is world’s 8th Largest auto making company. This is an Italian-American Multinational company.

Hardest day among all of this crucial time is 12th March. When FTSE MIB index drop its 17% value in just a single day.

Nationwide lockdown is already in place in Italy. There is no social activity and public gathering is strictly banned in the Country. On 13 March Italians joined on an online platform to sing National Anthem. Similarly, People also came out to their balconies to give regards to their Health Care Workers team.  

Corona Virus is badly effecting Italy
Article Name
Corona Virus is badly effecting Italy
Currently Italy is under complete lock down for all of its major areas. More than 42 thousand cases reported with more than 500 deaths.

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