Top Ten Free Software’s with complete options and features.

There are so many famous and named software brands around the globe. But to get premium with them definitely requires money. No matter, the amount they charged is cleared by the features and expertise attributes they provide in their brand. But to be consistent with reality everyone of us is not able to pay the premium features of daily routine used apps. We have tried to collect some of the best and free or open source software’s for our users. 

There is a huge list of applications, actually long lasting list of different disciplines. For which particular applications are used. Like Artifical Intelligence, Computer Simulation, Finance, Image Editors, Video Editors, Mathematic, Sciences. Then it comes to enterprise suit that need backup softwares, Database Managements, Operating systems, Network and Internet apps, Health care, Media and many other disciplines as well.

But what we have collected for you is the most important and salient for us. Most of us need these application badly for our routine jobs.

1. ClamAV AntiVirus

Clam Antivirus (ClamAV) is a free software and antivirus. Amongst all of the available free antivirus it’s the best one. System Engineers specially for male servers heavily relay on ClamAV, for server-side email virus scanner. Most importantly this app is particularly for Unix, but has third party version available for OpenVMS, OSF, AIX, BSD, Linux. For windows ClamAV version 0.97.5 works. In addition that all of the update provided to the app are also free. ClamAV contains number of utilities, automatic database updater command-line scanner. Similarly it also has a feature of Milter, an interface for sendmail and on-demand scanner.

2. Dvdisaster  Data Recovery Software.

Dvdisaster is a best free data recovery software that enhances data perseverance on optical discs. It uses techniques for error detection and correction data. These techniques are used for data recovery.  When any optical disc got physically damaged. In the same vein, the damaged part represents unreadable data. Dvdisaster uses ECC to recover data from damaged part of the disc. This ECC uses Reed-Solomon codes. Furthermore, TestDisc and Foremost are also good free data recovery software’s.

3. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a total free and open source software, for Mechanical Engineering designs. This is a 3D CAD modeler and building information modeling (BIM). This is an application with finite-element-method (FEM) support. In addition, If you know a python language then you can even enhance functionality of this app. Likewise, its free and user friendly nature.

4. Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is a free and open source text and code editor application that can be used with Microsoft. Tab editing feature is one of best feature of this app. That allows working with multiple tabs within a single window. Notepad ++ was first released in 2003. Based on the Scintilla editor component and written in C++ . Notepad remains the best free text and code editor app.

5. Media Player Classic.

Media Player Classic (MPC) is a free and open source media player for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows. All options available in modern media players are already injected in MPC. In addition, Media player Classic or Media player Classic –Home Cinema (MPC-HC). It contains additional video decoders ( VC-1 and MPEG-2 H.264 with DirectX Video acceleration Support). This is really a media player that provides premium features of its app with free of cost.

6. SD Download Manager (SDDL).

SD Download manager is totally a free and open source download manager for Microsoft Windows. It enables and enhances the management of your downloads, like any other paid or cracked app can. SDDL divided the total downloads into different streams for fast and continuous downloading. It can resume any of broken downloads efficiently. It supports for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and all other file transfer protocols with proper authentication. Moreover many other options also available in the app.

7. Hijack This

Never forget to mention or check out this application. In short, An amazing app that is used to detect adware’s and malware’s on Microsoft Windows. With appropriate scanning, it quickly displays the most common locations for malwares. Hijack this generates a plain-text log file and detects all the locations of adware’s. Automated tools are also available that calculate this Log file and takes required actions as well.

8. Memtest86

Memtest86 and Memtest86+ are free memory test software. Similarly, that is designed to check x86 architecture computer RAM (Random Access Memory) for errors. Memtest86 has ability to write test patterns to most of memory addresses. Then getting the required data, firstly read it and secondly compare it for errors. Memtest86 tries to verify that RAM will accept and correctly returns arbitrary patterns written to it. It confirms that there would be no conflict between memory addresses.

9. Coroner’s Toolkit (TCT).

Coroner’s Toolkit id a free suit pf computer security programs for forensic analysis. This is a totally free and open-source software mostly designed for Unix-related operating systems, OpenBSD, Linux. TCT is released under IBM Public License. More ever TCT also provides features for data recovery.

10. OpenNMS

Last but not least “OpenNMS” is also free and open source, network monitoring and management software. This software is created by a openNMS community. Which consist the team of great developers. OpenNMS is a network management application platform. This is highly customizable app which works on wide variety of networks. Event management and notifications, Discover and provisioning, Service monitoring all these are the main features of this software. That make it more important for Network Admins.

Best free Software's with premium features
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Best free Software's with premium features
There is a huge directory of software's category. But we have filtered some best and top ten free softwares with full options.

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