Toyota Yaris prices and Features in Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris 2020 
Prices in Pakistan

For such an economical changes, that shake out whole of the world, Under develop countries like Pakistan, are mostly effected by such changes. Toyota is one of the best car selling brand in Pakistan. Auto market in Pakistan is heavily dominated by Toyota. Last year Indus motors face lot of Hardships. to sell out their all variant Corolla. Now, if Toyota is launching same variants, of Corolla for all of its new shape 12th generation cars. Than it will be a greater risk. According to Toyota Financial specialists. Company is now changing its policy. Toyota is actually replacing Toyota Corolla 1.3 Xli and 1.3 Gli variants, with new Toyota yaris 2020. According to experts, this will accumulate the loses. For all features that these corollas have, may be come out with Toyota Yaris. It shows as it is stated, because with Corolla variants the prices rises from 30 billions. But for Toyota Yaris you can manage within 24.5-30 billions.

Yaris Variants.

Toyota is launching new Yaris 2020 with five variants.

  1. YARIS GLI CVT 1.3                                         25.5 — 26 Lacs.
  2. TOYOTA YARIS ATIV MT 1.3                                       25 – 25.5
  3. YARIS ATIV CVT 1.3                                      26.5-27 Lacs.
  4.  TOYOTA YARIS ATIV X MT 1.5                                  27-27.5 Lacs.
  5. YARIS ATIV X CVT 1.5                                  28.5-29 Lacs.

Toyota Yaris has been headlined in Pakistan during test drives. So this is confirmation, that Toyota is finally launching this car is Pakistan. Let us see, that what engine features are available in Yaris.

Engine and Other Features

Toyota Yaris engine type is 4 cylinder, 16-valve dohc with vvt-I. Its capacity is 1,496 cc. Having a maximum Torque of 140/4,200 (Nm/rpm), Transmission of a car is Cvt with 7 speed sequential shift. Fuel consumption varies with all variants. Other features are, Yaris 2020 contain Halogen projection Head lumps with daytime running Lamps. Front Headlights contain Fog Lamps. Rear lights contain Led high mount stop lens. Yaris is also providing an intelligent steering wheel swith control. Toyota Yaris is also introducing Wireless door lock, and smart entry system for its new Yaris 2020. Auto air conditioning with climate control. Fabric seats, gives a meaningful comfort for long journeys. Toyota has inducted Vehicle traction system for its Yaris 20.

Which is Best Toyota Yaris, Vitz or Honda City???

There are different names for this car in different countries. Like, Toyota Yaris, Platz, Vitz, Belta, Vios. But the car is same. In Pakistan Toyota is launching this car as a Toyota Vitz. A hatchback car. But now Toyota is Launching sedan car for its new Yaris. Now, the competition begans because the hatchback Vitz is more popular amongst the car. The question is that, this new sedan Yaris will make its market clear for Toyota? or just again a wrong statregy may be launched by Toyota? Another important thing needs to be mentioned. Another big challenge from Honda City. As, many experts suggest that Toyota is launching Yaris to slow down Honda City market in Pakistan. But, if we will compare both these two cars Honda City is still a market holding vehicle for 1.3 and 1.5 variants of Honda. All things will be clear when we have our new Yaris on roads.

Toyota Yaris Features and prices in Pakistan
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Toyota Yaris Features and prices in Pakistan
Toyota is now replacing Corolla 1.3 Xli and 1.3 Gli variant in Pakistan, with Toyota Yaris. Check out Latest Prices of Yaris in Pakistan.

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