8 Most Stunning Upcoming Mobile Technologies.

Upcoming mobile technologies, upcoming mobile phones.

It’s important to have a look on, how we have travelled from Siemen’s mobile to android or apple phone. How things changed around.  A couple of decades before we cannot imagine about video calls and entertainments. Like what we have today. In 1985 when the first time Siemens Mobiltelefon C1 was launched. It was an awesome innovation at that time, that to talk to someone at a long distance. But if we see in 2020’s, then entertainment bundles are available along with phone calls.

Phone calls are just a minute issue now a days. Because as the time passes innovations come in existence and competition arises between people, regions, and organizations. Competition and this race is actually being made for innovations and that’s the reason we got so many things in short period of time. Likewise this race is going on and on. We are getting more and more features available. So many attributes that a life without a cell phone is not considered a life now a days. So, we have to see that what upcoming mobile phones are bringing to us. In this post we will discuss all the upcoming mobile technologies. How smart phones are enhancing their features.

1. Flexible Displays.

Flexible displays, Upcoming Mobile Technologies.

We have seen edge and curved screens and in many of our mobiles. If we see this technology deeply then we can just imagine about upcoming folding smart phones. As Samsung is providing its first foldable phone and they state that this is the phone that will change the history of mobile phones. But future phones will be completely bendable. Samsung and IPhone have already patents for that. It will be a phone that is just foldable tablet or may be book. Similarly turning of pages means turning of menus.

2. Augmented Reality Support.

Augmented reality, Virtual reality

Most of us may have used virtual realities in our phones by attaching specialised instruments to our mobile phones. Like Samsung Gear VR or high class cinema. But the future concerns with augmented reality. This technology is already initiated, like google project tango which we can see on Lenovo fab 2 pro. With furthermore enhancement in the technology will be incredible. Likewise, If we have a cinema in front of us and we just point our mobile camera towards the cinema. In a short it will tell us about all the information about cinema and inside activities, like booking rates, current playing movie, upcoming movies, visitors and many more things.

3. Health Monitoring.

Now a days Health Monitoring is majorly concentrated in all mobile phone Brands. More working on any discipline means more expected outputs from that. Blood Oxygen Monitors are available in our mobiles. Similarly fitness bands are also counted. But future technology is more focused, on precise health measurement. That we just only touch once and get all good and bad health results.

4. Holograms.

Holograms, pictures, images.

Holograms are the distinct features that almost everyone want to have. Hologram means that a display on your screen that can project outside of your screen. Oh that is really amazing. It means that now we can see siri out of our mobiles. Samsung has already a patent for this innovation. The display will definitely be outstanding, which is actually throwing graphics outside.  

5. Long Lasting Batteries.

Battery and backup are the most concerned points. Sometime we didn’t feel good when we got a “Low Battery” message. But the competition is on and big minds are thinking how to control this. Big brands have now idea to launch ever remaining battery. Yes it is surprise for all of us. Seems little bit illusionary. But developments are on scene. Researchers are trying through different ways to provide ever remaining batteries. May be we can charge our phone through sunlight or with just our body heat.

6. Better Projectors.

Future Mobile Projectors, 3D projectors.

We have already experienced smart phones projectors but the output is not satisfactory. May be we are on initial levels. But future technology will be more sophisticated regarding this. Micro mirrors would be integrated with mobile cameras and we will have HD or at least 2K,4K output, with minimum power consumption.

7. Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an upcoming technology even outside of the mobile market. More focused disciple of technology now a days is AI. Samsung, Google, Apple are trying hard to implement AI to their phones. Artificial Intelligence integrated in a phone means that our smart phones will synchronize with our mind. It means that, we just think and our smart phone will open our think app. Or may be at least provide some suggestions that what to do next.

8. Minimised Hardware.

Future mobile hardware, Minimized hardware

As we have seen the size of our phones start reducing since been made. Continous reducing means that may be in future our smart phones do not have any hardware. Mobile phones may be in shape of chip. A small chip that enlightens your phone in air.  

Upcoming Mobile Technologies
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Upcoming Mobile Technologies
In this post we will discuss all the upcoming mobile technologies. How smart phones are enhancing their features.

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