Who is save from Corona virus outbreak|When it will End up??

A single virus that has dominated almost all of the world, or at least six continents. How this happens that within a short period of time with just 3-4 months the results are common all over the world. With empty roads, silent streets, almost maximum of business saloons closed Every Major and strong country is jammed completely with a single breakthrough and is Corona Virus (COVID-19). More astonishingly a normal flu virus. This is caused by, severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

With every mind thinking, every hand writing, every media pronouncing only and only international pandemic of corona virus. Far more strange is that all big giant economical world powers are silent against this enemy. As nutrient source of this epidemic is China, world’s most populated and successful nation. Whatever the source is but the victim is now all human beings and entire world. Here is one thing very important for all of us. Just follow up the headings.

Save/Sound Countries from Corona Virus Pandemic.

We accept the fact almost 200 countries of the world are being infected by this epidemic. But still if we see the map more precisely there are some countries that are hushed zero reported from corona virus. Yes, exactly that Countries that are nearly isolated from most of the world.


Yemen is still corona virus free zone as there is no confirmed case in the Country. Houthis even also declared suspending all flights from Yemen to other countries.


Tajikistan is also considered as a free zone from this outbreak. As they initially blocked the entry of 35 countries. Tajik government announces to avoid gatherings and mosque attendance. Tajik nationals who arrived from China, Italy, Iran South Korea, Japan, and Afghanistan. After 1st February had been put in quarantine. Almost 1500 cases had already been discharged. No cases have been confirmed in the country.


Turkmenistan is also prosperous regarding this Corona Virus outbreak. As Country began to refusing the entry of infected countries. As on 5 March three foreign travelers, two of them Arabic diplomats are denied to entre in the country. From almost start of the March 30, 2020 all flights arriving to Turkmenistan from abroad are being redirected to Turkmenabat International Airport. Patrons are examined completely. A delivery mechanism has been procedure if essential patients in an infectious diseases hospitals.

Corona virus epidemic

Why this lightening pandemic spreading??

Well, if we talk about the huge giants in the world Like USA, UK, China, Russia, Germany, Australia and all other big booms of globe. Then they are all paramount ponderously by the common enemy. This is the most worse and panic that we have ever seen in our lives. The anxiety and trepidation is definite. Silence and silence on lips, dismay from meetings and greetings. Completely isolated from outside. Similar question in most of the minds, that why this happens? Why this epidemic encircle entire world? Negligence or curse?

When Corona Virus epidemic to be depressed?

The spread that has effected almost every country, infecting more than 446,000 people around the globe. This international pandemic has crashed world’s economy and jammed all educational and health care systems. Filled all the hospitals and vacant public spaces. This spread has differentiate people and scattered them like particles. Everyone panic and want this outbreak to be vanished quickly. But when this will happen??

  But consistent with the reality, it will take possibly years for the outbreak to go out. Because whatever miracle could be it will at least lower the cases as lockdown could not be sustainable for long-terms. What every country and every person need is complete exit through this plague. For instance with initial positive outcomes. If you are going to remove all social restrictions than a chance of more dramatic spread. May be every country and every person needs to be more conscious about health care systems.

So we need to know basic measurements needed to quit this virus and how they will work?


Proper vaccine will give someone capability so they do not become sick in the future. But we have not cured a successful vaccine for this outbreak. Almost 35 companies and different academic institutions are working on corona virus vaccine. Now in US researchers were allowed to test the person directly for a vaccine skipping animal test first. Race on vaccine research is on. But there is no guarantee that this would be successful or not. Even if a vaccine comes out it will at least take 12-18 months. This is a long time to wait under such social restrictions and economical decline. As Professor Woolhouse said in an interview with BBC, “Waiting for a vaccine is not a strategy”.

Other Substitutes.

All we have now are alternatives. Which we can use to slower down this lightening spreading of corona virus. Social Distancing, Isolations etc. May be a permanent changes in our environments and behaviors that lower down this transmission rate. Isolation of patients is definitely understandable but entire world isolation is not moral anymore. As a result up till now we don’t have clear endpoints.  

Countries save from Corona virus | How this outbrake will end up?
Article Name
Countries save from Corona virus | How this outbrake will end up?
Countries which are still 0 confirmed cases against corona virus. In addition, how corona virus epidemic will end up.

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