Will Scientists be able to Fabricate Bionic Eye Like Real One.

How Bionic eyes work

How Bionic Eye Works

Researchers of the University of Minnesota have built a bionic eye prototype. Which will restore live sight to the blind eyes and will give superhuman vision to the watching eyes. The 3D printer is used to create a Bionic Eye Prototype. Researchers print Silver Particles base inside of a hemispherical glass dome. Then, the photodiodes are printed using semiconducting polymer material. These diodes will convert incoming light into the electric signals.

After the process of an hour, researchers had a bionic eye that will convert light into electricity. This Eye has an efficiency of 25% and what even this will be 100%?? Many questions arise like how this glassy bionic eye looks like in anyone’s eye sack.

Secondly and most importantly that will this artificial bionic eye be able to process like the real one. Which can process unlimited views in just nanoseconds with least occupied space??

How much Bionic Eye is Reliable

According to Michael McAlpine this prototype is a major step towards the aim of getting usable bionic eyes. He takes this as a challenge to create a useful bionic eye because his own mother is blind from one eye. This bionic eye is not helpful only for those who have vision problems. It can improve the sight of anyone who wants to have it.

If we stay particular with blind patients then those patients who received bionic eye had gained some degree improvement insight. But this is more effective for those patients who have retinitis pigmentosa. A disease that will kill retinal cells. For any innovation, there are barricades as well. Initially, it is not so easy to covey colors. More difficult is to convey the type of visual resolution that we have in the center of our vision. We will not get it soon but later we can imagine 90% effective bionic eye.


The most important is definitely the price of the bionic eye which is almost 1.5million$ for just one device.

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