Windows 10 Update Removing Files from User’s PCs.

It seems that Window’s new updates are removing files from PCs.

The last update of windows was expected to bring security improvements. but instead, it brings some serious issues for the computer users who installed it.

In keeping with Microsoft, the update has since been pulled back. and will be replaced with an “improved version”. But as Windows 10 updates itself automatically. those who downloaded may already have it on their PCs.

At first, reports suggested that the update have bugs that would affect the main menus on the PCs. Users report that their start menu or desktop would return back to their default settings, losing any modifications

Then more dramatic situations have emerged, with users reporting that desktop files were not just being hidden but removed completely.

The new updates have been pulled back but users whose PC has downloaded these latest updates may still be affected.

This update problem is known as KB4532693. and Microsoft reported that it would be fixed with another downloads and is not a big issue. As our team is working on it.

However, Microsoft did not say when the new version of Windows would arrive.

Problematic Windows 10 Update
Article Name
Problematic Windows 10 Update
The latest update of Microsoft Windows brings some abnormal changes to user's computers.

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