World’s most failing person became one of the best business man, An entrepreneur Story.

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There are many stories on the internet about entrepreneurs and there lives, and struggles, and all about how they get it. But the following story is an inspiration for those who want to master the hardships. The man, who start failing since his primary and continually failing through a preponderance of his life. But now is a 33rd rich and wealthiest personality in the world. About whom we are going to read today. He was not born as a wealthiest personality. Even Born in poor family adds more to his difficulties. Hardships and difficulties which he has faced in his life, shine and polish him in the way that he comes as a famous personality around the globe. Most importantly the richest person in China. Yes he is “Jack Maa”. Owner and co-founder of “Alibaba”.


An entrepreneur who shouldered China’s economy. His real name is Maa Yun. Born on 10th Sep 1964 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. In his childhood and youth, he was considered as a most failure personality. because firstly he failed many times in his primary, Secondly, got three times fail in middle school and finally did his B.A English after lot of failures. Jack Ma was graduated from Hangzho Normal University. He was a great lover of English. He started English conversation with English-Natives in Hangzhou International Hotel. He travelled daily 70 miles on his naked bicycle to learn English language.

Professional Life

When his professional life begins, then even more hardships added to his life. Jack Ma was a man who failed thirty times in interviews. Thirty times failure?? Yes, this is what he was facing from his childhood. It is very easy to mention “30 times”. But one know well who was behind this. Most importantly he never gives up. He challenged all the failures and un-fulfilments with a brave heart. He never stop his tries to achieve and learn more and more.

A famous story that is related with his life is that “ KFC conducted an interview when it first comes to introduce its taste in USA. There are twenty four applicants who give there interview for this job. Jack Ma was also one of them. 23/24 i.e twenty three candidates were selected and the one who was rejected was Jack Ma. Yes we doubted our eyes that how today’s billionaire was rejected for his thirty great efforts. But this was reality which was harshly adopted by Jack Ma.

Mastering His Difficulties.

Almost 20 years ago when he founded, then the next three years came up with no profits. Only thing he received in 3 years was people comments and emails. But Jack Ma didn’t stop even. He was happy because at least on some level, He was doing something better for people. People were very satisfied with his e-commerce auctions. This enhances his courage and he planned to continue his services. While in the same year of 2003 ebay also started its business. Similarly, one more challenge from competitors.

“If ebay are the Sharks, than we are the crocodiles in the river”. These are wordings of Jack Ma in 2003. Now the history repeats his words. Salute to such efforts and courage. Now the time changes and wind flows in Jack Ma favor that makes him the wealthiest person in China. Most of the Chinese financial analysts said that the Jack Ma is behind the economy of China. Meanwhile more than thirty thousand jobs have been provided by Alibaba.

Now a days Alibaba was expected to improve national e-commerce market for Chinese companies. E-commerce, retailing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet Technology these are the spreading disciplines of Alibaba. Likewise, 9th biggest brand in the world. His capture market more than $486billion. What a strategy Alibaba applied. They connect business provider to business provider, business to consumers, and consumer to consumers. That why how they captured the market. Alibaba is actually a strong manifesto that gathers medium and large sized organizations. Similarly, the whole China business collaborates due to Alibaba. Surely, such joint participation of organizations, for any country gives a great bump to the economy. That’s the reason why China is so strong.

An entrepreneur's story that is so influencing
Article Name
An entrepreneur's story that is so influencing
The story of an entrepreneur, who was once most failure person. Now, the top business man of the world. An entrepreneur story.

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